Town centre move for Rotherham IAPT Service

Our talking therapies service for people experiencing common mental health problems will move to new premises in central Rotherham on Tuesday 29 September.

Rotherham Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service (IAPT) will move from its current base at Nine Trees to 23a Clifton Lane, S65 2AA to make it even easier for people who are depressed or suffering from anxiety to seek help.

RDaSH Service Manager Jim MacDonald said: “This is a really positive move for our patients in Rotherham.

“Until now we’ve operated from an office base at Nine Trees, and held all our clinics in GP surgeries. Our new building will allow us to offer therapy on site, giving patients more choice where and when they have their appointment.”

Thanks to investment into new laptops by Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, the service will introduce agile working for staff, enabling them to securely update patient notes from any location within the community, and via home working and hot-desking.

Jim said: “This will revolutionise our working practices, giving more flexibility to our staff and releasing their clinical time. They can go directly to patient venues without having to visit the office first and won’t need to travel back to our base to update notes.”

Following the move, the IAPT Service also plans to extend its popular group programme, which helps people tackle common problems such as stress, anxiety, bereavement and self-esteem during weekly sessions in a group setting.

Jim added: “Our new central location gives us more scope to arrange activities and events to showcase our fantastic range of services which support Rotherham people to take control of their mental health.”

The IAPT Service has written to all of its patients to inform them of the move, and rearranged appointments to avoid disruption. Anyone wishing to contact the service after 29 September should also note the telephone number has changed to (01709) 447755.

For more information about the service, or the planned move please contact   Team Manager James Bell on email