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Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

WE ARE OPEN. We are continuing to accept referrals. Throughout the pandemic we have been offering telephone, video and online therapy, all of which have proved to be successful. Face to face appointments are also available. Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have made some temporary changes to keep you and our staff safe.

Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Positive skills stress management course

Delivered using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), this stress management course is offered by the Doncaster IAPT service. The positive skills stress management course is an educational based format of learning that enables an understanding of the impact of stress, particularly when we become overwhelmed with stress and it begins impacting on our day to day lives.

The course is a 6 week course, which provides you with tools and techniques to help you to understand and manage your stress, anxiety and depression.

You will learn techniques such as relaxation, activity planning, challenging negative thoughts, addressing worries, managing panic attacks, and reducing avoidance. This can help by improving your ability to manage your stress levels and improve confidence.

The positive skills stress management course is currently delivered using Microsoft Teams, delivered by a psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP) through lecture-style presentations. The stress course is not group therapy; you will not be asked to share your experiences or to speak up in front of others, just sit back, listen, and put your new skills into practice.

Once you have completed an assessment session with a PWP in Doncaster, and the stress course is agreed to be the most suitable treatment option, the PWP can refer you on to have access to the in-house course.