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Temporary Changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have some temporary changes to keep you and our staff safe.

Temporary Changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Fibromyalgia education group

We often receive referrals from the Rheumatology Department, when an individual has been newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia to offer them the fibromyalgia education group.

This is co-facilitated with an occupational therapist from the Rheumatology Department from Doncaster Royal Infirmary. This is currently a two session pre-recorded session that is split into six 30 minute video links that that you can watch in your own time.

The fibromyalgia education group aims to:

  • Explore what fibromyalgia is
  • Identify the impact of fibromyalgia health changes as a long term health condition
  • Deliver information on self-managing the condition
  • Validate the Individuals diagnosis

Some of the topics covered in the education course are:

  • Understanding pain
  • Balancing activity and exercise
  • Pacing techniques
  • Boom and bust / energy conservation techniques / spoon theory
  • Physical activity diary
  • Goals setting
  • Stress – anxiety and panic
  • Challenging thoughts and worry management
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sleep hygiene