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Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

WE ARE OPEN. We are continuing to accept referrals. Throughout the pandemic we have been offering telephone, video and online therapy, all of which have proved to be successful. Face to face appointments are also available. Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have made some temporary changes to keep you and our staff safe.

Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Generalised anxiety disorder group

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a common problem that affects 5% of the UK population. It can cause both mental and physical symptoms and is characterised by feeling restless and worried, trouble sleeping, dizziness, heart palpitations and muscle tension (symptoms may vary from person to person).

Having worries is completely normal but sometimes it can become so excessive that it can affect people’s day to day living. The good news is that GAD can be helped, and research has found cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to be very effective. CBT can be delivered one to one or in a group setting. When experiencing GAD we can often feel that no one else understands how we feel and this is where a supportive group setting with others experiencing similar symptoms can be helpful in normalising your experience and sharing learning to support recovery.

For this reason, Rotherham IAPT service has designed the GAD group to specifically help people learn to understand and manage the anxiety and depression linked to excessive worry using CBT techniques. The course is delivered weekly for 8 weeks on a weekday morning from 10am to 12pm. It’s an ‘interactive’ course, which means you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences, but only if you want to.

The aim of the course is for you to ‘become your own therapist’ therefore you will learn skills that you can carry with you for life. These include practical skills and strategies to identify/categorise your worries, how to cope with situations that trigger your anxiety and effective problem solving and decision making skills. We can assure you that whatever you put into this course, you will get out of it and we are here to support you every step of the way.

The course is delivered by 2 CBT therapists, with years of experience in working with GAD. They will work closely with you to work towards your personal therapy goals.

Once you have completed an assessment session with a psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP) and the GAD group is agreed to be the most suitable treatment option, the PWP can refer you to have access to the course.