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Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

WE ARE OPEN. We are continuing to accept referrals. Throughout the pandemic we have been offering telephone, video and online therapy, all of which have proved to be successful. Face to face appointments are also available. Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have made some temporary changes to keep you and our staff safe.

Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Online therapy

Rotherham IAPT offers computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT) through a platform called Minddistrict. This is an online programme based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that can be accessed immediately. Minddistrict ensures the treatment provided ties in with your personal needs by offering a range of personalised modules, skills and techniques.

These modules aim to help with symptom of common mental health problems including depression, generalised anxiety disorder and stress, by managing difficulties and achieving treatment goals.

A Rotherham IAPT psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP) can support you in the use of our CCBT programme with fortnightly contact. You’ll have access to a variety of tools that help you with setting goals, problem solving and other practical life skills, and your PWP will support you with regular reviews.

Anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet or computer can benefit from digitally enabled care, referred to as eHealth. In short, eHealth is the use of digital means and communication technologies aimed at promoting health. That makes eHealth a broad term.

 eHealth is:

digital technologies that empower people to master their own wellbeing.

About Minddistrict

Minddistrict is a product that supports an individual’s personal route to recovery by means of technology, from prevention to aftercare.

This ensures the care provided ties in with an individual’s personal needs, whether you experience mental health issues, want to change your lifestyle or want to learn how to deal with a (chronic) disease.

Our eHealth platform and app help you find the way to positive change. Minddistrict is a secure, flexible and easy to use eHealth platform with a catalogue filled with modules, diaries, plans and more. The modules will be sent to you and you can choose which ones you would like to support you whilst you wait.

The modules and diaries of Minddistrict are based on relevant literature and the knowledge of care providers, but especially on the needs of clients. Modules, diaries and other components of the Minddistrict catalogue are transdiagnostic. This means they are not necessarily aimed at a diagnosis but can also be used to focus on the specific complaints and circumstances of the individual user.

Digitally enabled care can enrich the experiences and services of clients, professionals and health services. With eHealth, people carry their support literally in their pocket. By using eHealth, people can be digitally supported towards recovery.

How to download the Minddistrict app