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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have some temporary changes to keep you and our staff safe.

Temporary Changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We observe strict NHS standards of confidentiality and you have control over who else is involved in your care. The only time we will inform others without your permission is if we are concerned for your immediate safety, or the safety of others. During telephone assessment a practitioner will ask whether or not you consent for us to share information with other services. You can give your consent at three different levels, and it is important to make your choice clear to a therapist:

  • Full consent – GP and NHS will have access to your medical records. This is the typical level of consent within the NHS, and is so because of the benefits to your healthcare provision. The benefits include increased insight into what has worked best for you in the past, and allows for increased effectiveness of multidisciplinary care.
  • Restricted consent – Your GP will be informed that you are receiving treatment from our service, but will know no further details
  • No consent – Your GP will not be informed.

Please note that we will usually send you copies of any letters we send out about you.