Bereavement Group


Bereavement refers to a state of loss, and grief is the reaction to loss. Grief is a natural response and is typically defined as an emotional suffering from the loss of a loved one. Every step of the grieving process is natural and healthy. However, it can become unhealthy and destructive if someone becomes stuck in grieving process.

Crying is a natural part of grieving, and so is laughter. Each one of us will deal with this process uniquely. However, some of us need some help along the way, people to share their thoughts and feelings with. Our bereavement group could be the support you need.

How does it work?

The bereavement group lasts for ten, 2 hour sessions. You will work with two of our specially trained therapists to help you understand and work through your bereavement. Typically the group consists of around 8-10 individuals and follows a fairly structured course. The sessions will, however, be very interactive and we encourage you to discuss and share your thought sand feelings with the group; although, if you feel uncomfortable, then there is no pressure for you to do so.

You will learn how to change your thought processes so that they are not affecting your everyday life. There are lots of interactive sessions (e.g. object relations) that allow you to focus on the positives and not always the negatives.

Across the course of the ten sessions you will begin to feel more open and confident within the group. This will allow you to share your bereavement and reflect on others. Additionally, we hope that by the end of the group you can look at your future in a positive light and ultimately overcome your grief.

talking-shop-leafletPlease click on the image to the left or follow this link to download a copy of our Bereavement Group leaflet