One day Wellbeing Workshop


Wellbeing Workshops are small informal groups of around 15 people. They provide a supportive educational environment and the opportunity to meet other people with similar experiences.

The groups

Low Mood:

In this workshop you can: Learn how to recognise the early signs of low mood, understand the cycles of low mood, learn how to challenge unhelpful thinking, learn to set realistic goals and learn how to solve problems effectively.

Stress and Anxiety:

In this workshop you can: Improve your understanding of how we respond when we feel stressed and anxious, understand how stress and anxiety can affect us physically, learn to recognise and challenge unhelpful thinking, and start to think about helpful approaches to overcoming stress and anxiety.

Sleep Problems:

In this workshop you can: Learn about the science of sleep, learn about relaxation methods, identify your own sleeping problem, learn how to manage your sleep and create your own action plan to help you overcome your problem with sleep.

Are these groups right for me?

Wellbeing Workshops are a forum in which to learn tools and techniques to help you to cope with and overcome problems such as low mood, stress and anxiety and sleep problems. You will not be expected to share personal information or experiences with anyone else in the group.

Anyone over 18 years and living in the Rotherham area can attend.
The groups are not suitable for anyone with major alcohol or drug issues. They are also not suitable for people with thoughts of self-harm. Please contact your GP for help with either of these problems.

talking-shop-leafletPlease click on the image to the left or follow this link to download a copy of our One day Wellbeing Workshop leaflet.