Wellbeing Masterclass


In the modern world we all live busy, fast paced lives. We are under pressure in lots of different areas including finances, relationships, work and health. In one way this makes our lives interesting, unfortunately it also means that there are many things which can impact on how we feel physically and psychologically.

When one aspect of our lives is difficult such as work or money, it can have a negative effect in other areas of our lives such as our relationships. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed by our difficulties and to lose sight of what is really important to us.

How does it work?

The wellbeing masterclass can help as it will teach you skills to keep yourself well, even if life isn’t going according to plan at the moment.

The course is run over 2 sessions lasting two hours each with a month between the two. It will help you to understand the way we respond to difficult situations and circumstances and how our emotions affect us. The aim of the 2 sessions is that you are able to develop a good level of physical and psychological wellbeing despite the ups and downs of life. This means that you can be more in control of how you feel, even if we cannot be in control of life.

The group will be run for around twenty people at a time, all with similar difficulties and feelings. It is normal to feel anxious about being part of a group but many people have told us that they found the experience useful as they realised that they were not alone in how they felt. There is no expectation for you to talk in front of people or share your situation if you do not feel comfortable doing so. We only ask that you try your best to put in place the skills we will suggest to you.

talking-shop-leafletPlease click on the image to the left or follow this link to download a copy of our  Wellbeing Masterclass leaflet