Behavioural Activation

What is Behavioural Activation?

Behavioural Activation is a psychological treatment developed for depression. The idea behind this form of therapy is that your life either consists of too much environmental punishment, or too little environmental reinforcement.

Behavioural Activation focuses on the present and attempts to make subtle changes to your lifestyle in order to lift the depression, it is primarily centred on treating depression, although more recently it has begun to expand into the treatment of anxiety.



How does it work?

Behavioural Activation will focus on activity scheduling to encourage you to approach activities that you are possibly avoiding; and then analyse why it is you are avoiding them. This approach allows you to work cooperatively with the therapist to understand the underlying issues behind your depression.

This form of therapy requires a lot of patient input. You will be required to read certain material and complete various different exercises on a weekly basis. These exercises will be the staple part of your therapeutic process and will significantly improve your chances of recovery.


Is it effective?

There is good evidence supporting Behavioural Activation as being helpful for many people with both severe and milder forms of depression, and therefore it is recommended by NICE. A large-scale study has found that Behavioural Activation is more effective than Cognitive Therapy and on a par with medication for treating depression.


Useful information

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