self helpAnxiety – An in-depth self-help guide to overcoming anxiety, offering a printable vesion if you prefer to work on paper. – A less detailed, quick guide to managing anxiety. –  The national registered chairty for anxiety, offering apps, live web chat and endless amounts of information. – This website includes information about anxiety and various success stories.

Depression – Printable in-depth guide to depression and steps you can take towards overcoming it. – A brief guide to depression and information on being in control of your own mental health. – Mind is the leading national charity for mental health- this is the help they offer for depression.

General help and advice

These links below all offer vital information about the different conditions that encompass mental health:

Other useful links

  •  Learn more about the Depression Alliance who bring people together to end the loneliness and isolation of depression.
  •  Provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.
  • The Trust has diversified from mental health and learning disability services to include community services, such as district nursing and health visitors, around 115,000 people now access RDaSH services each year.
  •  Moodgym is a free web based program that helps you to look at why you feel like you do, changing the way you think, knowing what makes you upset and assertiveness / interpersonal skills training.
  • Living Life To The Full is a web based course that aims to provide you with access to high quality, practical and user friendly training in life skills.